A hymn to Italian stories

Caffe Italia is an impeccably printed art book series that celebrates the soul, flavours and backbone of Italy. Through photography and illustrations, Caffe Italia takes pleasure in exploring the lesser known, untold stories of Italy and its diverse inhabitants.

'Il numero uno,' our first issue, is designed to inspire those who venture off the beaten path and seek out the genuine; it is for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity. We have handpicked our features and are proud to deliver them to you in 144 sumptuous pages.

 Caffe Italia is an independent publishing project that challenges the status quo of today's editorial world. As an artistic series, we straddle the line between magazine and book. While our format might echo the former, the pristine quality of our printed material and our intention to end the series with our twelfth edition aligns us with the latter.
The cost of each issue is proportional to the work and quality contained within its pages, and our stories are never commissioned or influenced by economic gain.

Caffe Italia is the creation of Johanna Ekmark, a Swedish photographer who has lived and worked in Italy throughout her life. After twenty years of photographing for various publications, she realized that she had witnessed so many unexpected, valuable Italian stories that remained untold. It was time to share.

 While the stories in 'il numero uno' are available exclusively in print, you'll find il diario di viaggio online, our digital journal that we, little by little, update with special encounters.

Caffe Italia is generously supported by our network of champions, 'i nostri campioni." Our champions, like us, feel that storytelling is essential. They see the importance in what we do: publishing and preserving meaningful Italian stories. They help us share these stories by purchasing a small quantity of each issue to pass on to those they believe will also appreciate the publication. If you'd like to join them, please don't hesitate to email us and we will provide more information.


Now a few words about the name "Caffè Italia":

Apart from describing a well-known hot drink, caffè is the Italian word for a bar. Italian caffès have always been places where people come and go, where stories are shared. They’re a world of encounters, and this is what our Caffè Italia is as well: a meeting place.